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ImseVimse loves our planet earth. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce and minimize our environmental impact.


ImseVimse are kind to your wallet. In the long run, you will save a lot of money if you use our reusable products. Join the green-team!


ImseVimse cares for your skin and health. We use organic cotton – completely free from chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

Popular products

  • Potty-training-pants-woodland

    Training pants – Woodland

    16.90 EUR
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  • ImseVimse Training pants are designed to help children with their potty training.

    Training pants – Wildlife

    16.90 EUR
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  • Eco-friendly Swim diaper for comfort and safety in the pool.

    Swim Diaper – Red Fish

    Sale! 17.95 EUR 11.95 EUR
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  • Washable cloth menstrual pads made of organic cotton

    Panty Liners – Garden

    14.95 EUR
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