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Finally! The thong pantyliner has arrived!

After quite a few requests from our customers we have finally met their wish and command and can now offer a pantyliner especially designed for the thong.
With a slender fit and being slightly thinner than our regular pantyliner, it will fit so perfectly that you won’t even notice it being there!

Using our washable pantyliners made of cloth is beneficial in many ways. Maybe you prefer them to disposable pantyliners because it saves you money? Perhaps it’s the environmental och health issues that makes cloth pads and pantyliners your number one choice or is it simply the comfort and smooth feeling of these little soft and comfy babies that is your reason for using reusable pantyliners made of cloth. Either way this product won’t disappoint you!
use for daily discharge or as an extra protection for you menstrual cup or tampon.

The thong pantyliner comes in two different colors; white and black.

You can get yours here!

thong pantyliner from imsevimse

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