Smart accessories to make cloth diapering and daily life so much smoother and easier. Here you will find ImseVimse’s accessories for real diapers such extra absorbent diaper inserts for night time or our biodegradable inserts to make it less messy changing that poopy diaper. Simply put the disposable insert in the diaper closest to the baby’s skin and when there’s poop, just lift out the insert with the poop, empty it in the toilet and throw the insert away in the bin. We also have Snappi, diaper fastener to help you keep the muslin squares in place and give it a tight, snug fit. Smart products to simplify your daily life with cloth diapers!


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  • Super absorbent terry cloth liners offer extra protection when needed. Made of 100 % organic cotton. They are great for night and heavy wetters.

    Organic Diaper Inserts, Terry, 2-pack

    10.50 $
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  • ImseVimse’s Paper Liner should be placed on the top of the diaper or the insert to make it easier when changing poopy diapers.

    Paper Liners, 200 sheets

    10.95 $
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  • ImseVimse’s Snappi Diaper Fastener makes nappy changing quick and easy!

    Snappi Diaper Fastener, Single Pack

    2.20 $
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  • This insert serves as a moisture barrier and keeps you baby’s skin dry at night or when the skin needs to heal after diaper rash.

    Stay Dry Diaper Liner, 2-pack

    7.25 $
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Showing all 4 results